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Using the iOS share sheet to send something to a large server will show "Unavailable"
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Reproduction Steps
  • Find the image you want to send and click the share button \
  • Click the Discord app icon \
  • Click the server you want to send it to (DTester server is a good example) \
  • Look at the "Share To" section, it will not list the channels but instead, say "unavailable"
Expected Behavior

A list of channels should appear that would allow you to share your content

Current Behavior

You are unable to send the image to larger servers

Client Details

TestFlight 31.0 (20793)

System Details

iPhone XS, iOS 13.5

Event Timeline

bugbot created this task.Jul 21 2020, 5:05 PM
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Can reproduce.
\| iPhone X, iOS 13.3 - Discord TestFlight 31.0 (20793)


Can reproduce.
iPhone X, iOS 14.0 - Discord TestFlight 31.0 (20793)


Can reproduce.
Discord TestFlight 31.0 (20793), iPhone XS Max 13.3


Can reproduce.
iPad Air 3, iPadOS 13.5.1 - Discord TestFlight 31.0 (20793)


Can reproduce.
\| iPhone 8, iOS 13.6, TestFlight 31.0 (20793) \|


Can reproduce.
iPhone 8, iOS 13.5.1, TestFlight 31.0 (20793)


Can reproduce.
iphone xr, ios 13.5.1, testflight 32.0 (30869)

Emotional Hats#6688

Can reproduce.
iPad Air 3rd Generation Stable: 13.3.1 TestFlight: 32.0 (20869)

Magical Cat#1172

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Can reproduce.
iPhone SE (2020), iOS 14.0 beta 5; Discord TestFlight 37.0 (21313) \~ I actually reproduced using a very small test server, using a big server doesn't seem to be required


Can reproduce.
[iPhone10,4] [OS 13.7] [TestFlight 39.0]


Can't reproduce.
iPad Air 3rd Gen 13.3.1 TestFlight: 21647

Magical Cat#9771

Can reproduce.
This issue only occurs with servers which have announcement channels. iPhone 7: iOS 14.0.1, Discord TestFlight 44.0 (22254)