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Marking 2 messages as unread, then quoting or mentioning a message below will make all messages above disappear
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Reproduction Steps
  • Go to any text channel \~ Mark a message as unread \~ Mark any message that was sent before the one in step 2 as unread too \~ Quote or mention any message below the messages you just marked as unread \~ Press send \~ observe
Expected Behavior

Quotes or mentions the user that sent the message accordingly

Current Behavior

all messages above the quoted or mentioned one disappear, and shows in all guilds until you restart your discord client

Client Details

TestFlight 44.0 (22254)

System Details

iPhone 8, iOS 14.0.1

Event Timeline

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Can reproduce.
iPhone 7, iOS 14.2 Beta ; CR; TestFlight 44.0 (22254)


Can reproduce.
iphone XR, iOS 14.0.1, Testflight 44.0 (22254) CR


Can reproduce.
CR; iPhone 7: iOS 14.0.1, Discord TestFlight 44.0 (22254)


Can reproduce.
iPhone 11, iOS 13.4.1, TestFlight v44.0 (22254)

Ichigo SEC#1998

Can reproduce.
iPhone 11, iOS 14.0.1, Stable 43.0


Can reproduce.
iPhone 12, iOS 14.0.0


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An Asana task has been opened up for this at

Can reproduce.
iPhone 11, iOS 14.0.1, TestFlight 45.0 (22303)