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When developer mode and sync across client are both turned on or off, trying to switch sync across client switches both
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Reproduction Steps
  • \~ make sure they are both on the same setting, both on or both off \~ restart discord \~ go back to them and toggle the sync across client setting
Expected Behavior

It only changes the sync across clients setting

Current Behavior

It toggles developer mode as well

Client Details

TestFlight 44.0 (22254)

System Details

iPhone 6s, iOS 14.2 PB2

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Can reproduce.
iPad (7th Gen), TestFlight 44.0 (22254)


Can reproduce.
iPhone XR iOS 14.0.1 TestFlight 44.0 (22254)


Can reproduce.
iPhone 7: iOS 14.0.1; TestFlight 44.0 (22254)


Can reproduce.
iPhone 11, iOS 13.4.1, TestFlight v44.0 (22254)

Ichigo SEC#1998

Can reproduce.
iPad 6th generation, iOS 14.0

Windows XP#2191

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