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[Light Theme] The "Channel Locked" message while clicking a Voice Channel with no perms to join is barely not readable.
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Bug Report ID
Reproduction Steps
  • While using Light Theme, navigate to a Guild with Voice Channels that you can not access (join)
  • Click on a Voice Channel
  • Observe the text in the button.
Expected Behavior

The "Channel Locked" text should be visible.

Current Behavior

The "Channel Locked" text is not barely readable/visible.

Client Details

Alpha 44.5 (1295)

System Details

Samsung S7, Android 8.1

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Can reproduce.
\| CR, Y9s, Android 10, Discord 44.5


Can reproduce.
\| CR; Galaxy A50, Android 10, Discord 45.1


Can reproduce.
cr, galaxy s8, android 9, discord 44.5 (1295)


Can reproduce.
OnePlus 6 Android 10 (OP6\_O2\_BETA\_35)


Can reproduce.
Honor 20 Lite, Android 9, Discord 44.5 (1295)


Can reproduce.
Realme X2 Android 10 (Discord 44.6 (1298))


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We have increased the alpha to 40% to improve readability.

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