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The Google Play pop-up doesn't appear when you click a plan after changing theme.
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Reproduction Steps
  • Make sure you don't have Nitro/bought boosts already.
  • Go to the Appearance settings and then change the theme to light if you're on dark and vice versa.
  • Back out, restart and go to the "Subscribe Today" option in User Settings. Click Subscribe on normal Nitro/Classic.
  • Select any plan and click "Subscribe to yearly" or "Continue to Monthly" when the pop up appears.
  • Observe
Expected Behavior

It should open up the Google Play payment pop-up.

Current Behavior

It fails silently, none of the plans open up the Google Play pop-up and it only works after restarting the app. (Also happens when you go in Landscape Mode/Change Scaling and then click "Subscribe Today" and then follow the rest of the steps.)

Client Details

Discord 42.1 (1282)

System Details

OnePlus 6, Android 10

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Can reproduce.
Redmi 6, Android 9, Discord 43.4(1292)

Just a Regular Spooky Box#5472

Can reproduce.
CR, Pixel 3a, Android 11, 44-alpha4


Can reproduce.
Samsung Galaxy A40, Android 10, Discord 42.2 (1287)


Can reproduce.
Honor 20 Lite, Android 9, Discord 43.4 (1292)


Can reproduce.
Xiaomi mi 10 lite 5g (Android 10 and discord alpha 44-ALPHA4(1294)


Can reproduce.
BAH2-L09 Android 8.0.0 comment


Can reproduce.
\| Samsung S9+, Android 9