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[LIGHT THEME] Nitro classic text button while owning nitro is not shown/readable.
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Reproduction Steps
  • Be a nitro owner
  • Use Light Theme
  • Navigate to settings
  • Manage Subscription
  • Go to Discord Classic
  • Observe
Expected Behavior

The button text should be visible.

Current Behavior

The button text mix up with the white theme and it can not be seen.

Client Details

Alpha 41.10 (1279)

System Details

Samsung S7 - Android 8.1

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Can reproduce.
Redmi 6, Android 9, Discord 43.4(1292)

Just a Regular Spooky Box#5472

Can reproduce.
cr; android 9, samsung s8; discord 43.4 (1292)


Can reproduce.
\| Per


Can reproduce.
Android 9, Honor 20 Lite, Discord 43.4 (1292)


Can reproduce.
Redmi Note 7, Android 10; Discord Beta 43.4 (1292)


Can reproduce.
Samsung Galaxy S10+ (Android 10); Discord 43.4 (1292)


Can reproduce.
Samsung Galaxy J3, Android 5.1.1, Discord beta 35.3 (1238)

Luke Skywalker#8142

Can't reproduce.
in the attachment i do see the subscribe button, also if do not see it change ur theme to dark and now u will see it


Can reproduce.
Samsung galaxy J7, Android 9, Discord 44.5 (1295)


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