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When you have a long nickname the time cuts off
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Bug Report ID
Lucifer Morningstar#8329
Reproduction Steps
  • First make a long name or nickname \~ then go in the channel and observe the time is cut off
Expected Behavior

The time should show when the message was sent and not be cut off

Current Behavior

The message timestamp is cut off like for example: Lucifer Morningstar1234 Yesterd that's where it could stop

Client Details

Android 40.02

System Details

LG Rebel 4, 8.1.0

Event Timeline

bugbot created this task.Wed, Sep 30, 11:19 PM
bugbot created this object in space S2 Public.
bugbot created this object with visibility "Public (No Login Required)".

Can reproduce.
Redmi 6, Android 9, Discord 41.11(1280)

Just a Regular Talking Box#5472

Can reproduce.
CR, Huawei p20 Android 9, Discord 41.11 (1280)


Can reproduce.
OnePlus 6, Android 10, Discord 42.3 (1284), CR


Can reproduce.
Xiaomi mi 10 lite 5g (Android 10 and discord alpha 42.3(1284)


bugbot added a comment.Thu, Oct 1, 1:12 AM

Can reproduce.
Android 9 Honor 20 Lite, Discord 42.3 (1284)


bugbot added a comment.Thu, Oct 1, 7:29 AM

Can't reproduce.
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Android 10


bugbot added a comment.Thu, Oct 1, 9:30 AM

Can reproduce.
Google Pixel 3XL, Discord 41.11(1280)

MOE ツ#1068

Jethro triaged this task as P2 priority.Thu, Oct 1, 9:44 AM

Can reproduce.
Galaxy Note10+, Android 10, Discord 42.3(1284)


Can reproduce.
Samsung galaxy S8, Android 9, Discord 42.3 (1284)


Can reproduce.
Samsung S9, Android 9.0, Discord 40.8 (1277)


bugbot added a comment.Fri, Oct 2, 1:06 PM

Can reproduce.
\| Samsung S9+, Android 9. I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be like that


bugbot added a comment.Fri, Oct 2, 8:59 PM

Can reproduce.
Android 10, LG G8 Discord 40.8 (1277)

Spooky Aki#1563

Can reproduce.
Redmi Note 8, MIUI Global, Android 9 PKQ 1190616001 Build, August 2020 security patch Discord Alpha/Beta 43.0

Riday 💙#7468

bugbot added a comment.Sat, Oct 3, 6:50 AM

Can't reproduce.
Samsug Galaxy J3, Android 5.1.1, Discord beta 35.3 (1238) this older version of Discord has no this problem

Luke Skywalker#8142

bugbot added a comment.Sun, Oct 4, 1:18 AM

Can reproduce.
It can be reproduced in Redmi note 7, android 10, client-1287


bugbot added a comment.Sun, Oct 4, 5:08 AM

Can reproduce.
Redmi Note 7 Android 10 Discord 40.8


bugbot added a comment.Sun, Oct 4, 7:12 PM

Can reproduce.
Asus Zenfone Max Pro (M1) Android 10


bugbot added a comment.Mon, Oct 5, 2:45 AM

Can reproduce.
Huawei P30, Android 10, Discord 48.0 (1277)


lsdimagine moved this task from Inbox to Triaged on the Discord Android board.Mon, Oct 5, 12:15 PM

Can reproduce.
Moto G7, Android 10, Discord 45.0 (1296)