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Sizing of Embed thumbnail is messed up if image is not square
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Reproduction Steps
  • Create an embed with an image which is square \~ Notice how the thumbnail is the correct size and positioned as it should be \~ Create an embed with a thumbnail with an image which is not square. \~ Notice how the thumbnail spans the entire embed and covers other embed content.
Expected Behavior

The embed thumbnail should be much smaller, and should take up a small portion in the upper right corner.

Current Behavior

The thumbnail spans the whole embed, covering up other embed content.

Client Details

Android 42.0 (1281)

System Details

Samsung Galaxy A71, Android 10

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Can reproduce.
Regression introduced in Discord version 42.0, OnePlus 8 Pro Android 10


Can reproduce.
Can repro, Discord Alpha 42.0 (1281), Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Android 9


Can reproduce.
CR, Alpha 42.1, Mi A2, Android 10


Can reproduce.
Xiaomi mi 10 lite 5g (Android 10 and discord alpha 42.1(1282)


Can reproduce.
Galaxy Note10+, Android 10, Discord 42.1(1282)


Can reproduce.
Redmi Note 8, MIUI Global, Android 9 PKQ 1190616001 Build, August 2020 security patch Discord Beta 42.1

Riday 💙#7468

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Can reproduce.
Samsung Galaxy S10, Android 10


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